Information Pathos

General information on weather in Pathos, maps of Pathos, excursions from Pathos, local tourist attractions, Pathos airport information and local Pathos bus routes and timetables .

Weather Pathos


What can anyone say about the weather in Pathos and thoughout South Western Cyprus other than it is usually glorious? With over 300 sunny days per year Pathos has one of the finest climates within Europe.
Maps Pathos


The Cyprus tourist office issues two free maps for Pathos. One map covers Pathos and Kato Pathos town centre with a map of western Cyprus on the back and the other free map covers the whole of Cyprus.
Attractions Pathos


Pathos has been inhabited since Neolithic times. It was the centre of the cult of Aphrodite. Aphrodite's legendary birthplace is just a short drive along the couast to the South East of Pathos. The remains of villas, palaces, theatres, fortresses, tombs and mosaics in Pathos have resulted in UNESCO declaring site is of exceptional architectural and historic value.

Excursions Pathos


Pathos offers numerous excursion opportunities to it's visitors, including boat trips, disco boats, visits to the beautiful Akamas peninsula, Aphrodite water park in Pathos, jeep safaris and coach trips to the Troodos mountains, fishing trips, traditional Cypriot hospitality nights. Many of the excursions of sold alongside the harbour front at Kato Pathos.
Airport Pathos


Pathos International Airport is relatively small though it is being expanded to cope with the ever growing number of visitors to the area. Set on the coast a few kilometers to the south of Pathos town. If you are visiting Pathos in peak tourist season then be prepared for a very busy environment where seats in the waiting room are at a premium.
Bus Service Pathos

Bus Service

Pathos has a very good and inexpensive bus service. Buses usually run at approximately 20 minute intervals between Pathos, Kato Pathos and Coral Bay. Our local tour guide said that bus frequency gets a bit more erratic after 9pm when the bus inspectors go off duty!